Wednesday, June 3, 2015

October: Skype Reflection

October: Skype Reflection

Skype was working well for our real-time needs, but lacked in some areas.

-Students appreciated using Skype with us if they were absent and already had an account at home on a reliable machine.
-My students seemed to enjoy earning a badge for either Skyping into class or helping a teammate who was absent with Skype from our classroom.

There is a consistent need for some type of video conferencing feature at my instructional level!

-Recordings were never archived, so teacher review of a lesson or a student seeking to clarify directions were not options.
-Connection lag/drops either on my end or the student end could be frustrating.
-Inappropriate solicitations via the chat window occurred before school one morning while my computer was connecting with a parent’s account that their teenager happened to be using.

A safer, more secure connection with students outside of the classroom is needed.

Goggle Hangouts were then discussed by Dana L. as an alternative.

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