Monday, September 8, 2014

Building the Plane While We Fly It

Building the Plane While We’re Flying It

I love attending tech conferences, but usually after the first day I feel like the workers in the plane in the video above and that we, as teachers/professionals in the field, expect the passengers (students and parents) to ignore the beta-tested chaos swirling around them.

If I have a difficult time overlooking the unfinished product, how can I assume the public is able to?

It seems like I expend so much energy trying to assemble something behind the scenes, out of the public eye/away from my professional digital footprint, that by the time I arrive at an acceptable level of comfort the completed product is obsolete.

I struggle within these moments.

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  1. Jim,

    I think we can all understand that feeling. Great video by the way! I have learned that sometimes it is best to just gravitate towards one or two things a year and compile a list of things I want to tackle the next year. With tech changing so fast the benefit is that somethings on my "To-Do" list just matter anymore or something better has replaced it! As someone who loves to jump into everything I find interesting this has been a challenge in itself, but I find looking at less unfinished projects has made me feel better overall. I also like trying a few new things with my class in the moment and seeing how it goes. They like to see me struggle sometimes too and this ends up creating more authentic learning opportunities for us all. You are not alone my friend!